Our Products

At Aqua Pros Pool Care & Repair, we are an authorized installer of PENTAIR and HAYWARD pool/spa products. Being authorized installers means that our customers can receive an EXTENDED WARRANTY. Some of our pool/spa products include:

Aqua Pros Pool Care & Repair
  • Heaters

  • Filter Pumps & Motors

  • Electronic Salt Chlorinators

  • Lights

  • Filters

  • Automated Control Systems

  • Time Clocks

  • Valves

  • Plumbing

  • Automation Systems

Our Services Cleaning & Algae Treatment

We offer a wide variety of pool & spa cleaning services.

Aqua Pros Pool Care & Repair

Water Chemistry Testing, Evaluation & Adjustments

  • Prevent and Remove Algae

  • Maintain Crystal Clear & Sparkling Water

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Chlorinating Cell Cleaning

  • Pool & Spa Maintenance

  • Balanced Water Chemistry

Green Pool & Spa Cleaning Services

  • Acid & Chlorine Washes

  • Restore the Look of Your Pool and Spa